Inspired Living Birth

Wanting inspiration after years of more of the same, no time, and a need for personal development, I was encouraged to focus on something that was outside of myself but important to me…

Not having thought about it very much, I realized that aside from my family and personal integrity, the only other thing I had any real passion for lately, was a world free of animal suffering.

I wondered if one person alone could do anything meaningful about it. The answer I came to terms with was, not to focus on the big picture, only what I could actually do about it in my life. The simplest thing I came up with was, for me to not participate in animal cruelty – by not consuming animals and their products.

It sounded simple enough and would alleviate my participating in animal cruelty – from the grassroots… But being a lifelong carnivore and food lover, it was gonna be a real change that was a comin…


And so, the start of my new life began, and later, InspiredLiving.Life was born.

My real change started as a result of supporting my daughter